Lady of Leisure

In the interim between my internship and my third and final year of law school, why not start a blog?  I love making pretty food and taking pictures of it, so it seemed like the thing to do.  I’m soaking in as much summer as possible and cooking up a storm in my parents’ lovely and spacious kitchen before I move back to my apartment.  Last night I made this winner of a salad…

That would be two ears of Iowa sweet corn sauteed with two cloves of minced garlic, a can of black beans, half a diced red pepper, four sliced scallions, and a handful of cilantro.  I dressed it with the juice from half a lime, a splash of red wine vinegar, a few shakes of cumin, and a weeee bit of cayenne pepper.  I ate some with a tortilla, chopped tomatoes, and a dollop of sour cream.  I had top notch company for dinner–my ma and this handsome chap:

That would be my so-cute-it-makes-my-heart-hurt baby nephew.  He looks morose here because he wanted black bean salad and all I kept giving him were lousy green beans.  My mom and I were in charge for a few hours, so baby neph and I spent the bulk of the evening hanging out on the carpet.

Tonight, following a trip to a farmer’s market in the nearest Sears parking lot (talk about ambiance!), I created a pasta dish.  EXCEPT–I made the noodles out of zucchini, thanks to some inspiration from  We had a zucchini that somehow got overlooked (I am not the world’s most attentive gardener) and was roughly the size of Mr. Baby Nephew.  I made the noodles by shaving down the sides with a potato peeler.

How nifty is that?!  I made sauce by sauteeing half a diced onion, two cloves of garlic, one diced patty-pan squash from the farmer’s market, chopped tomato, and a few mushrooms on their last legs.  Then my sous-chef/mother sauteed the zucchini noodles for a very short time (2 minutes tops), I chiffonade-ed some basil (purely because I like to say “chiffonade”), and we plated up this beauty:

As you can see, we also chowed on some slices of baguette broiled with some fresh mozzarella.  It was a smashing success and fantastic fuel for the evening’s remaining leisurely pursuits: piano-playing and reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

Hey–this blogging thing is kind of fun!  Perhaps I’ll be back!


3 responses to “Lady of Leisure

  1. Darcy,
    Very nice blog start! I look forward to reading the many more entrees and entries to come!


  2. Congrats on starting your blog. I just started a food blog too. Looking forward to more great recipes.

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