Freeze your bananas. (NOW.)

I’ll be brief here.  Go to this post.  Do exactly what this saintly woman tells you to do.  I went nearly a quarter-century without knowing one could turn a frozen banana into ICE CREAM, and I would hate for any of you to go another day.  I made this last night…..and then I made it again for breakfast just to make sure.  It’s refreshing!  It’s healthy and icky-ingredient-free!   And–lest we lose sight of what’s really important–it tastes JUST LIKE ICE CREAM.  Extra notes from my experiment: I added about a tablespoon of almond milk (any milk would work) in the middle of processing to help it along a bit, and one frozen banana made a pretty good-sized portion.

The possibilities for add-ins here are endless.  A spoonful of peanut butter…berries…peppermint extract and green food coloring…

After the ice-cream-for-breakfast bonanza, I went to Target where I found these shoes for ten dollars.

Frozen treats and red shiny shoes, people.  To accurately depict my current happiness level, I am digging into the photo archives for this shot of my younger self:

Happy Friday, folks!


3 responses to “Freeze your bananas. (NOW.)

  1. Hi Darcy, I have been having fun reading your blog. I smile while I read it and smile while I look at the pictures! I also think I will try some of your recipes—they look and sound great! Have a good start to your fall back at school. Laine

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