Objets d’art (with chocolate!)

Stepping away from veggies and ice cream made of bananas for a moment…I think we can all agree that brownies are a pretty good thing.  We can probably reach a pretty solid consensus on cheesecake as well.  During my most recent kitchen adventure, I took both of these things, added some smushed-up-and-slightly-sweetened raspberry goodness, and marbled it all to my little heart’s content.

I used this recipe from my one true website love, the Smitten Kitchen.  I increased the brownie batter ingredients by 50% so that I could use a 9×13 pan instead of the 8×8 the recipe calls for, but left the amounts for the cheesecake swirl batter alone.  Then I made some raspberry syrup by smashing a half pint of berries with a fork, putting the smashed remains through a sieve to remove the seeds, and adding a spoonful of sugar to the liquid left behind.  Join me, if you will, for a photo journey through the marbling process, which is just as fun as elementary art class used to be.  First, get your marbling components ready (here we have the brownie batter, cheesecake mixture, and raspberry syrup).

Then dollop ’em on.

Pick up your butter knife and let your inner artist run wild.  Background music might help.

Pretty fancy, no?  Here’s the finished product.  (These were immediately banished to the freezer for an upcoming soiree, but family/quality-control personnel expressed 100% satisfaction with the sacrificial sample brownie.)

Note: I really am aiming for mostly healthy/fresh/nutritious recipes here.  But, you know, artistic outlets are healthy.  And when making things to share with other people, I say there’s no shame in breaking out a little butter.  Next time I’ll talk about oatmeal or chia seeds or Jillian Michaels or something, I promise.  As the first lady of butter herself would say–love and best dishes, from my lazy Sunday to yours!


2 responses to “Objets d’art (with chocolate!)

  1. this is Grandma Neva. When do we get a taste?

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