Summer farewell photos

The move back to school is complete!  I have drastically reduced counter space, no more in-house laundry, and no idyllic backyard, but I do have a fairly cozy apartment and another year of adventures in legal learning to look forward to.  I must say, summer 2010 was pretty good to me.  I had a great internship.  My wonderful friend Leslie got married and we all had a fantastic fancy time back in the town where I went to college.  I got to spend lots of time with family and friends in the Des Moines area, I had a first try at veggie gardening, and I baked a lot. of. stuff.

But the show must go on, and once I purchase a giant pile of books, get some groceries so my fridge doesn’t resemble that of a smelly old bachelor, and generally get my act together I plan to resume occasionally posting  about exciting things.  Recipes!  Possible half marathon training!  Writing cover letters!  (No, that last one is a lie.  Nobody wants to read that.)  It’s good to be back in my sort-of home.  Now to put away all my stuff…


One response to “Summer farewell photos

  1. We wish you well. Know you will have another great year. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

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