Goddess of Granola

Sure, you can buy plenty of varieties of granola at your average grocery store, many of which are perfectly tasty.  But why buy when you can make, huh?  Here’s a basic blueprint for making your own granola—try it once and then you can get creative with different ingredients and mix-ins!

Dry ingredients:

5-5-2010 005

Wet ingredients:

5-5-2010 008

Mix it all up and spread it out evenly on a sheet pan.

5-5-2010 009

Then, bake at 250 for an hour and a half, stirring every fifteen minutes.  (I know this sounds like a hassle, but it’s actually an opportunity for some serious productivity.  You can set the timer for each fifteen-minute increment and make yourself complete some task before it beeps, and when you’re done you’ve done six tasks and made granola.)

Store in an airtight container (I keep it in the freezer) and enjoy with yogurt, fruit, etc.

5-5-2010 016

Basic Granola (makes about 6 cups)

3 c. rolled oats

1 c. sliced almonds

1 c. miscellaneous nuts/seeds (I used half pumpkin seeds and half walnuts this time, and didn’t put the walnuts in until the last half hour of baking because I thought they might brown faster than everything else.)

3/4 c. coconut flakes

scant 1/4 c. brown sugar

1/4 c. honey

1/4 c. vegetable oil

3/4 tsp. salt

Whisk together the brown sugar, honey, oil, and salt, and pour over the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl.  Stir to coat, and then spread the mixture evenly on a large sheet pan.  (You may have to use two sheet pans.)  Bake at 250 for about an hour and a half, stirring every 15 minutes.  (Baking time may vary depending on your oven and what type of pan you use.  Just keep an eye on how fast the granola is browning.)

After I made the granola (in my parents’ lovely and spacious kitchen, because I went to Des Moines for the day), I tried to make some goddess dressing, using whatever I could find in their fridge/pantry.

5-5-2010 012

I blended, tasted, re-seasoned, tried it on some salad, but…..

5-5-2010 017

It was pretty lackluster.  So, instead of giving you the measurements I used, I’ll just keep trying and tell you to try Annie’s Naturals Goddess Dressing instead.

Although I failed miserably at goddess dressing, later in the evening I went to an understated toga gathering where we all succeeded at dressing like goddesses.

toga 1toga 6

toga 4

There were a lot of excellent contenders, but I’m going to have to give the “Best Toga” award to my friend Lisa, pictured here in the wolf-themed ensemble she found at Hobby Lobby.

toga 3

And now—the Super Bowl is upon us!  I must admit that I actually don’t have any idea who is playing who this evening…but I’m going to head to a party with some dip (recipe in the post linked here) and just cheer for whoever appears to be winning.  Have a lovely week, everyone!

(P.S. I used Windows Live Writer for the first time to do this post, so it looks kind of weird and I can’t quite figure out why because I lack any sort of techno-sense.  I’ll probably just have to get my niece to explain it to me 🙂 )


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