I know Lent is supposed to make me think about discipline and sacrifice and being a better person….and it does…..but it also makes me think about Egg McMuffins.

When I was in high school, my family used to go to Colorado every Easter.  We’d leave on Thursday, stay somewhere in Nebraska that night, and cruise the rest of the way into CO on Good Friday.  The general practice was to drive through McDonald’s that morning, get Egg McMuffins, and, because of the no-meat-on-Friday-during-Lent thing, throw the slice of mystery meat (ham?  Canadian bacon?) out the car window once we reached full speed on I-80.  Nebraska, if you’re listening, I’m sorry about the litter.

So anyway, although I don’t generally get Mickey D’s cravings, I do have a soft spot for their breakfast menu.  I associate the greasy, salty McMuffin with spring, open roads, and adventure.  In that spirit, I recently took a block of tofu out of my fridge and made an easy McMuffin knock-off that tastes much better to me than anything that ever came out of the drive-thru window in Ogallala.

For the baked tofu, I used this recipe from Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point.  While you’re getting the marinade ready, you can press the tofu to get some of the moisture out.

I firmly believe it tastes better if you press it with your prettiest plates. Then, dice the tofu into small pieces and marinate as directed in the recipe linked above.  I wanted a round slice of tofu to mimic the perfectly round egg in the McMuffin, but I don’t have any round cookie cutters.  (What’s with that, seriously?  Who AM I?)  So, I used a heart instead.  Nothing wrong with having more heart-shaped foods in your life.

While it’s baking, you can ready your tofu accoutrements.  I like the Food For Life sprouted English muffins in the freezer section of the grocery store—definitely an upgrade from the standard fast food English muffin.  Other than that, you just need some cheese, and veggies of your choice.  I went with spinach and scallion.

I’m not on a roadtrip, sadly, but this sort of made me feel like I was.

Plus, now I have tasty baked tofu for quick stir-fries, salads, etc. all week long.  You should definitely check out Caitlin’s recipe—it’s a tiny bit sweet and a little spicy from the chili powder.  I used agave nectar instead of the honey, because that’s what I usually have on hand, and it worked fine.

I hope you all have a stellar Monday—see you next time!


4 responses to “McTofu

  1. Nebraska needs/deserves no apologies. I just drove through twice in the last four days and they clearly have the right idea in letting people drive 85 mph. Sand cranes were fun to see, but other than that……..

  2. To quote the neph/grandson: “Ah, good times, lovely times!”

  3. Skimpy, yet fulfilling. I think I will make this recipe and wash it down with some Jumex orange nectar. What would you say to my substitution of a slab of hamsteak instead of the tofu and two cinnamon rolls to bookend it all in? I’d say Merry Christmas, papi.

  4. Lordy Lordy looks who’s forty! I made something similar to this brouhaha last weekend. Well…I suppose it was more similar to Margie’s midnight snack. It was a cheeseburger but instead of buns, it had two grilled cheese sandwiches. And instead of a burger, it had a grilled cheese sandwich. On a related note, I recently discovered that I’m lactose intolerant.

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