Finals doomsday diet

Hello there.  I am in the midst of preparing for my last three final exams.  Allow me to share with you a few of my favorite study mini-meals, and how to prepare them.

5-5-2010 024

Gummy vitamins: Unscrew cap.  Remove one vitamin.  Chew, swallow.  Will remind you of a simpler time when your teachers returned your tests promptly, with stickers on them.

5-5-2010 021

Otter pops: Remove from freezer.  Detach favorite color (I prefer the “Sir Isaac Lime”—puts me in a scholarly frame of mind).  Open with scissors.  Eat quickly, before you can register the fact that they taste like….chemicals.

5-5-2010 026

Frozen peas: Remove from freezer when you realize you haven’t eaten a vegetable in awhile.  Do not bother to thaw.  Also great for icing injuries (e.g. bumps on head from banging it against the wall or table).

I promise that soon I will go to the grocery store, take these tests, stop wearing the same holey t-shirt every single day, GRADUATE, and make a triumphant return to cooking real food.  But now, I return to my ongoing Celebration of Learning.  See you on the other side, friends!


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