Dreamy Strawberry J.D. Jello Shots

(That “J.D.” is for Juris Doctor because I am now officially a doctor of the law!  In an upcoming post, I will get all nostalgic about how much I loved law school, perhaps post some pictures of graduation festivities, and share a recipe that has….you know….vegetables or something in it.  But…..first things first.  Read on.)

I got my hair cut the other day, and the stylist was just the most delightful fellow.  We talked about judicial retention elections, curl-enhancing hair products, and the Pioneer Woman.  He also did a really bitchin’ job on my hair, and when I left he proclaimed that it looked “super hot” and I would probably meet the man of my dreams that very day and reel him in with my tousled waves.  (That didn’t happen, FYI.  I did go out for lunch after and have a really good salad, but I wouldn’t say it was the salad “of my dreams.”)

Stylist Man also dropped the following culinary knowledge bomb on me: You can make Jello shots in hollowed-out strawberries.  WHOA.  Just let that sink it.  It’s a good thing I don’t have a lot to do this week, because, well, I sort of feel like it’s my calling to test this sort of thing out and report my findings to you good folks.

You need the following:

1) One .30-ounce box of Jello.  Choose your favorite flavor—I went with strawberry for obvious reasons.

2) As many strawberries as you want to fill.  I did about 2 pints and still had some leftover Jello that I just poured into a baking dish.

3) Vodka.  I recommend whatever variety is on sale.  I used lemon-flavored vodka, which added a little zing.

4) Some sort of small, sharp kitchen instrument for hollowing out the strawberries.  I used an apple corer.  I would think you could also use a paring knife, a teensy melon baller, or a grapefruit spoon.

5) Some friends that also don’t have a lot to do this week.

Put the vodka in the freezer, and then deal with your strawberries first, so your vessels are ready and waiting.  Cut a slice off the bottom, so they’ll stand up, and then slice off a bit of the top and hollow them out as much as you can without breaking them.

You’re not going to get a huge cavity here, but that’s OK.  Smaller Jello shots are more dignified.  (Or you could just eat more of them, I suppose.  I’m not here to dictate your life choices.)  Line the strawberries up in a pan so you can fill them and refrigerate them later.

Prepare the Jello according to the package instructions, but instead of the cup of cold water you’re supposed to add at the end, add a cup of vodka.  Pour a little bit of the Jello mixture into each strawberry (a liquid measuring cup works well here), and then refrigerate until set.

Hot tip: you don’t want the strawberries all falling over when you move the pan to the fridge—that would be quite sad—so try setting the pan in the fridge first and carefully pouring the mixture into them that way.  If you have some extra after filling the berries, just pour it into a baking dish or those tiny little plastic cups, in the grand tradition of undergraduates everywhere.

About 2 hours later, the verdict: they are attractive, refreshing, whimsical, and just the tiniest bit dangerous.  In fact, I would even say they are the Jello shots of my dreams.


4 responses to “Dreamy Strawberry J.D. Jello Shots

  1. Festive!! –And very much in-step with your party-loving side!

  2. I love this idea!!

    Pics of your new do?

  3. Genius! I would expect nothing less from a recent Iowa Law grad. I shall have to give these a try before I make the trek up to Iowa. The best part? They’re eco-friendly since you don’t have to use a bunch of those tiny plastic cups!

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