Commencement, merriment, and avocados

Hey look—we got our law degrees!

grad 2

Somehow, in between all the cookie baking and general tomfoolery that made these past three years so wonderful, I got the job done.  And so did all of my brilliant, wonderful, hilarious classmates that I already miss like crazy now that I am moved out of my apartment and back in Des Moines, where I’ll be for the summer while studying for the bar exam.

I am excited about whatever will come next…..but I’m also a little sad.  I have always loved being a student, and law school was just so much fun.  Fortunately, we had all kinds of family over to my parents’ house tonight for a graduation barbecue, so I couldn’t spend too much time being nostalgic.  There was food prep to be done!  My brother who lives in Colorado is here, as is my cousin who lives in Florida, so it was an extra-special family fiesta.

My parents made lots and lots of delicious food, but my favorite was a new dish that I have dubbed “Avocados de los Abogados.”  (Two semesters of Spanish, thankyouverymuch.)  This is essentially a zippy little corn salad that you can throw together the day before, stuffed inside half of a lightly grilled avocado.  Yesterday, my dad grilled two ears of corn.  It was not grilling weather, but we’re brave.

Then he sliced the corn off the ears and mixed up the salad, while I took photos and offered moral support.

Tonight, while grilling various meat-stuffs for the carnivorous family members, he grilled the avocados for just long enough to soften them a bit and get those sexy grill marks.  Then I filled them with the corn salad, drizzled a little lime juice over the whole situation, and took this glamour shot:

We used 6 avocados, and the following ingredients for the corn salad (all measurements except the corn approximate):

  • 2 ears of grilled sweet corn
  • 1 c. quartered grape tomatoes
  • 1/2 small red onion, finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp chopped cilantro
  • pinch of cayenne pepper or chipotle powder
  • lime juice, squeezed over the filled avocado halves before serving

Tomorrow I am checking out of my cozy little Iowa City apartment.  It was a happy home for three years and I will miss it…..but I comfort myself with the thought that wherever I move next will have more counter space (to accommodate the KitchenAid stand mixer I dream of buying when someone actually hires me to do some lawyering).

Have a good week, everybody!  And—if you happen to be a member of the IA Law class of 2011…..CONGRATS!


11 responses to “Commencement, merriment, and avocados

  1. Lois and Erik

    congratulations!! I won’t look for you in Fareway :(…but will look for your cooking adventures. Hi to Jordy. When you get the stand mixer, go for the medium sized one, unless you’re cooking for all your brothers. Lois

  2. Darcy,
    CONGRATULATIONS FROM MATT, FIONA, MOLLY, PATRICK, AND GRACIE! We meant to call during your big party to talk to you, but did not get it done….my apologies. I’m quite sure you were busy chatting with all the friends and relatives anyway. We are so proud of you. Thanks for sending the photos from the party! Looks like fun. Wish we could have been there. We have sent your card and gift in the mail. We love you. Matt.

  3. Thanks so much! We miss you guys–tell the rest of the gang I say hello!

  4. I knew you could do it. Bon Voyage mon-a-mi. I shall miss the boat times and the carousel rides I always imagined we’d someday take. I wish you the best on all of your endeavors, but mostly I hope you buy that Ice cream truck you’ve been talking about and sell baked goods out da’ back.

    Muchos besos y con un corazon fuego,


  5. Blessings to you and yours, Margie. I miss you teerrrrrribly 😦 Keep your chin up and don’t put jelly beans in your blender.

  6. Instead, I ate most of the jelly beans I owned, and then put the rest down the garbage disposal. Now I won’t need to use airfreshner in the kitchen for a few days.

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