Slaw school

Vegetables. They never cease to amaze me.


What the @#$% are those, you ask? They’re kohlrabi (aka German turnips), that’s what. They belong to the cabbage family, and they have white flesh inside that has a texture similar to apples, jicama, or maybe raw potatoes. In all of my 25 years, I have never seen kohlrabi anywhere other than my grandparents’ house–my Grandpa Elmer always grows them in his garden. But apparently other people eat them too, because when my parents brought a couple home I googled “kohlrabi slaw recipe,” and several options came up. Here’s the link to the one we used–followed pretty much exactly (except I didn’t use cilantro and we only had two kohlrabi), so I won’t re-type it here. I was going to try making some homemade Vegannaise to replace the small amount of mayonnaise, but in the end I didn’t, mostly because I cannot get over my aversion to the word “Vegannaise.”

First, peel the kohlrabi with a paring knife and slice them into matchsticks. (This is kind of tedious, but I find chopping things very relaxing.)


Then whisk together your dressing ingredients, and toss with the veggies and golden raisins in a big bowl. Easy as can be!


This is a very simple recipe, and the dressing could use a little jazzing up, but I really liked the kohlrabi as a base for the slaw. It has a milder flavor than the usual cabbage, and great crispiness. I would start asking around (some place where lots of grandfatherly types hang out) to see if you can find some.

If you can’t, though, take a look at this splendid coleslaw article by Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen for some other ideas. I’ve made the Napa Cabbage and Sesame Seed slaw, and it’s an excellent alternative to the usual over-dressed, monochromatic slaw you find most places.

Have yourself a lovely week! More studying for me….


One response to “Slaw school

  1. If I had a choice between kohlrabi and blood oranges, I’d pick blood oranges 60% of the time.

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