Monday musings

Greetings, all! So, I have read approximately two articles in the last year about how to be a “better blogger” and they all say you should have a consistent posting schedule. I decided I would try to post every Monday (because doesn’t everyone need a little diversion at the beginning of the week?), but here we are on Monday, and I didn’t cook anything worth sharing with you last week. I thought I would be all set for my Monday blog post when I made this little take-off on spanakopita triangles with butternut squash and kale inside:


I even had numerous photos of me stacking sheets of phyllo dough, so I could type out an exhaustive guide to phyllo technique. But alas, they just weren’t that delicious. So instead, Monday musings! And a craft project! Lucky you.

First, I think this is the most beautiful song ever.


(Well, my opinion on “most beautiful song ever” changes about every week, but this is the current title-holder.) I printed the sheet music off the internet a few days ago and decided I would perfect it in case I ever needed to declare my undying love for someone in song. (You never know, guys. You never know.) It’s almost ready.

Secondly, I started thinking about Halloween, because I love Halloween costumes. I had worked out in my head the perfect Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume, and then I realized I have a wedding to go to that weekend, and I think I’m supposed to just dress like myself. Bummer. Feel free to take my costume idea.

Finally, look at this crafty platter!


A closer look:


I got this idea because I used to put the sticker from my daily apple on my Con Law casebook, and I thought they looked kind of pretty all layered together. My mom picked up an unfinished wooden plate at Hobby Lobby and we started covering it with the stickers back in January. Now that it’s done, it just needs a few coats of decoupage glue and some sort of waterproof coating. This is the craftiest thing I have done since I was a seven-year-old at Vacation Bible School.

Alright, carry on with your Mondays. I promise pretty food next week 🙂


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