All about Herbie (+ a little about chili)

Generally speaking, I don’t care about football. I don’t have a team that I follow, and my grasp on the rules of the game is tenuous at best. However, there are two things about football that I like:

1. It is no secret around this house that I am quite taken with ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit (or “Herbie”, as he is known to those of us in his inner circle). Why? Well, he is always impeccably dressed. He’s handsome, but not too handsome. When he talks about foreign concepts like “the BCS” it’s almost as though I understand and/or care, and whenever they have to take some injured player off the field on one of those little golf carts, I feel like the concern Herbie expresses comes from the very bottom of his golden heart.

Now, listen–I know that Kirk is probably married to some beautiful, poised woman who sits on the board of several non-profits and never eats cookie dough. I am well aware of that, and my moral compass points due north, so I will not show up at his house with a batch of freshly-baked scones and force him to resist my many charms. I will be content to admire him from afar and write creepy things about him on my blog.   

2. While watching the games (and waiting for Herbie sightings), I also enjoy cozy, football-friendly food. Here’s a charming little idea for when your next chili/cornbread craving hits. Make a pot of your favorite chili. (Might I suggest this one?)


Then mix up some cornbread batter. (I used this recipe. It was good–but, as she says it’s not very sweet at all, so I added another tablespoon of maple syrup. I also added 3 chopped scallions.)


Then layer the chili and cornbread batter in glass pint jars like this:


I can’t be too specific on baking guidelines here, because it will depend on what cornbread recipe you use and how thick your layer of cornbread batter is. I would suggest a thinner layer than the one pictured above, because mine rose more than I expected it to and I wasn’t entirely happy with my chili-to-cornbread ratio. Live and learn, eh? It was still delicious.


The jars will obviously be really hot when you go to eat out of them, so please use an oven mitt on your non-spoon hand. (OOOOH, this just occurred to me: you could make these for a football-watching party, tie some folksy gingham ribbon around all the jars before serving, and then give everyone a matching oven mitt as a party favor. A-DORable.)

I suppose that’s probably enough of my innermost thoughts for one day. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


4 responses to “All about Herbie (+ a little about chili)

  1. I have to say this is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen. I’d love to try this out with Caitlin!

  2. This recipe perfectly reflects my relative interests in cornbread and chili.

  3. Your chili recipe is one of my favorite! I have made it more than once and will continue making it!

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